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Our name and philosophy are inspired by the Greek word, ‘’AITIA’’ used by Aristotle in his philosophical writings to mean “cause” or “purpose”. 

We believe in reimagining the 21st century world view of leadership and business to become more effective in bringing about a positive impact to the communities around us. 


Our organisation is built on creativity, mindfulness and consciousness – and purposed to empower you to make a meaningful difference to your community. 

We aspire to realise your organisational aspirations.

Our Vision

To create a harmonious community of businesses that uses creativity, mindfulness and consciousness as capital. We do this through engaging thought leaders to effect positive change.

Our Mission
To provide integrated leadership, organisational development and wellness solutions for businesses to address the complexities of the 21st century.

AITIA Institute (S) Limited, founded in October 2016 is headquartered in Singapore (UEN number: 201627661K) and conferred a Non-Profit Organisation Taxi Incentive

(NPOTI: S17-1383-NPO) by the Economic Development Board.

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