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AFI offers a wide range of family enhancement programs to the general public, including individuals, family, and group counseling programs.
Family Therapy Clinical Services at AITIA Family Institute (AFI)
Family therapy is one of the approaches in psychotherapy that focuses on human relationships.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that our behavior, emotions, ideas, and mental health issues, etc. are inextricably linked to family relationships. When we encounter problems and troubles, appropriate family support is more effective than medicine. However, a family is a social system where different forms of conflicts may arise. Often times, professional involvement can assist family members to address their relational impasse and build effective relationships between each other. 
AFI has a dedicated team to provide professional family therapy services including (but not limited to):


Family and Marriage Therapy

* Mental health of children and adolescents is always the biggest concern of parents. Our team will assist families to explore and manage emotional and behavioral problems of children and adolescents in different stages of their growth including yet not limited to eating disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as depression, anxiety,  school refusal  and other psychologically related difficulties.

 * Throughout adulthood, the satisfaction of our marital or couple relationship is a major concern which has tremendous effect on our mental health.  If there are concerns in this regard, our therapists will work with you to explore ways of improving couple or partner relationships. Our range of services includes marital crisis counseling, psychosexual difficulties, as well as domestic violence and abuse.

 * Intergenerational harmony is an important indicator of family health, and it is also one of our major counseling foci.  Our team will work with the different layers and sub-systems in trans generational families with the goal of eliciting the strength of all generations while eliminating  potential conflicts.


Children Assessment

Children's emotional and behavioral problems are often a reflection of family dynamic.  However, many child psychological assessments focus only on the child without given consideration of the family context.  We have found that when assessing the child in the family context, the outcome can be very different. Children who are diagnosed with a range of psychiatric problems can simply be too concerned about their families.

Our children's assessing service involves measuring the child's physiological responses when exposed to parental interactions, such as skin conductance, body temperature and heart rate.  These physiological indicators often reflect a child's anxiety and reaction to the external environment.  These assessment data and analysis will be shared and further explored with the families in a debriefing session to see if there is any association between the child's emotional state and the relationship factors with parents and other family members.  The assessment will not only enable parents to gain a new understanding of their child's physical and mental health conditions, but also allows a child to express views which will  promote parental communication to improve family relationships.

This approach is the result of years of research and development by Dr. Wai Yung Lee.

AFI will be the first organization in China providing such assessment services. 


AFI provides educational services such as workshops for couples on parenting and other special topics based on the expertise of the visiting faculty and in-house staff. Individuals and families can also seek consultation from a team of experienced family specialists. Special appointments can also be arranged with the Clinical Director or other renowned family practitioners who will be conducting sessions at AFI periodically. 

We welcome visitors or families to make an appointment by telephone, on-line or in person.  We are also ready to accept referrals from organizations like social institutions, non-governmental organizations and medical institutions. 


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