AFI Training

AFI offers a broad range of educational and training programs for clinicians and the public audience, both on short- and long-term basis, as well as tailor-made in-service training packages for local agencies and academic faculties.

Certificate Course in Family Therapy

The Certificate Course in Family Therapy is designed for human service professionals who are interested in gaining more knowledge in the systemic perspective and its application to various professional fields. Using video-segments of actual family interviews, the course will cover the theoretical bases, conceptual frameworks, and skills in marriage and family therapy. This course is offered twice a year.

One Year Advanced Certificate Course in Family Therapy

The One-Year Advanced Certificate Course in Family Therapy is designed for human service professionals who are interested in acquiring hands-on clinical practice in family therapy. Live family cases will be used extensively as a platform for participants to acquire the relevant concepts and theories, to walk through the therapeutic process, to identify the movements necessary to produce change in family, and to organize the multitude of ways to conceptualize and intervene in family relational problems.

Clinical Supervision in Family Therapy

The Supervision Group aims to expand individual style with the purpose of helping therapists become more versatile and adept at working with diverse family systems from different social classes and service settings.  Supervision will be conducted by renowned family therapy trainers, including Wai-Yung Lee, Ph.D.
Supervision hours can count toward AAMFT membership application.

Live Case Demonstration

The Live Case Demonstration provides a rare opportunity for participants to observe experienced clinicians in action. The case formulation and reflective analysis preceding and following the demonstration will enable participants to share their experiences and insights with our trans-disciplinary team of experts. 

 Professional & Public Workshops

Workshops are conducted by our local and international faculties, with the aim of introducing cutting edge service models and novel knowledge to both professionals and the general public. Four times a year, distinguished practitioners and researchers from our visiting faculty will share their expertise through titled-workshops.

Specialized Projects

AFI is committed to developing specialized projects in partnership with the government, public organizations, and non-profit organizations in the community. Some of the possible initiatives include working with children with behavior and psychosomatic concerns, ADHD, eating disorders, depression, children from divorce families, school refusal and single child families. The above are some examples of prominent mental health concerns that deserve to be consolidated for in-depth study and the development of effective intervention. In-service training packages are also available on request.