To Inspire the Baby's Mind

Children develop multiple abilities during the most sensitive period between 0-3 years old. With a good environment and meaningful love interaction are the keys for the healthy development.

3 x 2 hours


Children develop multiple abilities during the most sensitive period between 0-3 years old. If parents can provide the right environment and company during this period, it can greatly push their baby’s brain development towards the right direction.


This workshop will guide parents to explore how to start early bilingual education, the importance of parent-guided reading, how to create suitable atmosphere and environment for parent-guided reading, how to use picture books and storytelling skills, the influences of music, how to use music to help your baby to grow, and how to let your baby be the dictator of games.


This program integrates theories and scientific findings to guide you through practice, self-discovery and video aids so as to enhance your awareness. Being fun and interactive, the program helps you to instill knowledge of brain development and cognition, to reflect from within, to plan and act, and to completely change your ways of interactions with your baby.


3 years old defines the lifetime (Series Three) 
To Inspire the Baby's Mind
This series includes three Modules:
Module 1: Grasping the Key Period of Children's Language Learning 
Hearing development in infants
The key period of speech learning
The advantages and secrets of bilingual learning
Words are powerful
Module 2: Parent-Child Reading Changes the Brain 
The power of a story 
From storytelling to cultivating children’s reading habits 
Knowing the strong enemy against from reading 
The fun and method of Parent-child reading and telling stories
Module 3: Giving Back to the Children the Sovereignty to Play
The importance of games to children 
Music rhythm helps to enhance baby's brain ability
What can parents do? 
Experience sharing in homeschooling



王淑英博士(Carol Wang)是台湾人,她是华东师范大学临床心理学博士,在2007年取得中国国家二级心理咨询师执照,并获得美国Focus on Family 与中国社会工作协会联合认证的亲密关系培训师资格逾十年,曾应邀到许多国、民营企业作培训,如宝钢集团、施耐德电气、伊士曼化工、台积电、中国东方航空、东方证券等。

王博士目前任职于意澄家庭学习中心总监,她是亲子教育方面的资深心理咨询师,擅长透过亲子教育问题改变家庭关系、帮助父母提高自我觉察力、尤以提升母亲自我成长为主要途径。运用(EFT)情绪聚焦疗法协助个案处理创伤事件、运用(SFT)焦点解决疗法协助青少年克服行为问题、运用正念技术开展正念养育父母学习课堂。她是上海国际精神卫生组织注册临床专家级的心理咨询师和秘书长,并自2015年起成为Workplace Options国际EAP讲员、咨询师。她应CEO Global 邀请成为上海交大、复旦、同济、华东师范及上海外国语等大学担任客座讲师,并受聘担任长宁区教研院的心理咨询总督导。王博士对巩固婚姻家庭、创造和谐社会有极大的热忱和使命感。

3 years old defines the lifetime (III)课程导师: Dr Carol WANG, PhD