It is ironic that parenting is more about parents than the child. You pass your dreams, aspirations, fears, emotions to to your child. As you journey towards awareness and emotional health, your child will reap the benefits and flourish.

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The secret of raising high eq babies program

The Secret of Raising High EQ Babies

Understand the development of parent-child relationships and raise a confident and cheerful baby.

Shanghai Chinese The program contains 4 series. Each series is 6 hours into total of 24 hours.
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The secret of raising high eq babies (public workshop) program

The Secret of Raising High EQ Babies (Public Workshop)

Enjoy every precious moment together and lay a good foundation for your baby's development.

Shanghai Chinese 3 hrs
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Mindful parenting program

Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting is a process of mental transformation, during which parents intentionally explore their self-awareness. By adapting to a lifestyle of living in the moment, parents try their best to incorporate self-awareness into parenting.

Shanghai Chinese 7x2 hours
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Close to me, close to you program

Close to Me, Close to You

This program brings couples to their awareness of their family of origins and how it affects our ability to love freely.  

Shanghai Chinese 14 hours in total for 2 days
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