Just as no two families are alike, every family business is also unique. This program is an overseas learning journey to learn, share and network with other successful family business.

Overseas Travel
English, Chinese
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Learning Needs

Just as no two families are alike, every family business is also unique. Each one holds experiences that will benefit other family businesses. Relationship, business, succession, transition, next generation… These family business experiences when shared provides rich learning.


All of us have our own unique thumb prints, however family members will share DNA that binds them. In this overseas learning journey, you get to exchange insights and learn from other global family businesses, form community to support each other’s growth and development.


The learning journey includes an orientation workshop, company visits and dialogues with family businesses, as well as a reflection workshop. It will create a community, who can support each other, exchange insights and inspirations as they return to their own family businesses.

Programme Details

Learning Journey-Japan
This Learning Journey is an incredible chance to learn from Japanese family business.  The family business with longest-history is in Japan.  And there are more than tens of thousands family businesses over 100 years old. What’s the ecosystem for them to flourish and sustain long term? How does the Japanese culture nurture their development? During the journey, you might find the answers through group discussion and company visits with the lead of renowned professors.
To adapt itself to the ever-changing environment
Fourth dimension: Precept and its practices
Tradition with Innovation
To cope with Natural Disaster
To cope with Society
To cope with changes in Economy
Functions of Successor
To inherit company’s missions
To take over and recreate businesses
To redefine business domain