Family Business Road Map

Preparing family business owners to steward family and business to plan successions and transitions.

Shanghai, Suzhou
English, Chinese
12 Month Period
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Learning Needs

Where am I leading my family business? Who will be my successor? How to keep harmony in the family? How to develop a roadmap of learning and development for my successor? Early planning of a roadmap is important for generation succession and family business sustainability.


Stewardship of a family business is seeing ownership as a responsibility. Developed with Prof Joseph Fan from CHKU, this program prepares family business owners for stewardship of family business to plan successions and transitions for the continuity of your family business.


This is a 12-month program with 6 residential modules, which provide both guidance and group learning. It is designed with practice and application of learning in between residential group sessions. Renowned professionals and practitioners will guide you through this learning program.

Programme Details

At present, there are 10.25 million private enterprises in China, accounting for 80 % of the total number of enterprises, of which more than 85 % of private enterprises are family enterprises. The first generation of private entrepreneurs who grew up with reform and opening up, after more than 30 years of hard work, have become older for many years, and the issue of intergenerational inheritance has gradually been placed on the agenda.

Most private enterprises have come to the peak, crisis and transition period of their succession. How does the founding family choose the inheritance strategy? How can family relationships be consolidated? How to train a successor? How can we make a smooth succession? How can innovation be transformed?

Family Business Institute(FBA), together with Professor Joseph Fan of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and well-known experts, tailor-made the "Family Business Road Map" program for Chinese business families to help them achieve long-term development.

Course features: 
1. Specialization: Customizing for private enterprises in China, exploring the core issues of business family development, and providing new perspectives and solutions for family and corporate development and governance. Discusses the family enterprise governance structure, the inheritance plan and the strategic formulation as well as how to plan the family enterprise inter-generational inheritance, the successor training and other important issues.

2. Operationalization: The content of the course is both knowledge and operability, integrating the frontier results of international family enterprise research and the inheritance wisdom of multi-generation family enterprises.

3. Teaching style: The course tutor covers famous scholars, professors, entrepreneurs, coaches and family therapists at home and abroad.

4. Systemic: Let students systematically master the overall solution for the inheritance, governance, and business operation of private family enterprises.

5. Practical application: Break through traditional classroom teaching and integrate case teaching, workshops, study tours, and corporate visits into teaching. It also uses tools such as family therapy and coach to guide students to experience, perceive, and reflect, and promote positive changes in individuals, families, and businesses.

6. Value-added services: After-class follow-up counseling, the expert team will arrange business visit guidance based on the actual situation of the company, understand the progress of implementation, put forward suggestions for improvement, and promote various mechanisms and innovative measures to land; And provide remote expert counseling.