Success & Succession

How to begin building new leadership capabilities in family businesses, with the right use of power for a smooth succession.

Shanghai, Suzhou
English, Chinese
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Learning Needs

财富不传三代 (Family wealth does not pass 3 generations), a myth? For family legacy to continue, alignment of values, interest with the right use of power is needed to integrate family and business systems. Systemic change is needed for family business to shift their set gravitational path.


Presenting new leadership capabilities in family businesses, starting with scoping the future in an increasingly complex business environment. Then family leaders need to cement these insight into family business leadership. Finally, putting into practice by changing use of power to transition.


This program consists of 3 modules, which combines cutting edge presentations, featuring latest research applied to excellent practice, augmented with in-session exercises, peer coaching and hands-on practice. Each module can be taken separately or put all together.

Programme Details

The workshop consists of three modules (two-day sessions) which combine cutting edge presentations, featuring the latest research applied to excellent practice augmented with in session exercises, peer coaching and hands on practice. 
MODULE 1: Leading your Family Business to the Next Generation
Change and the Family Business:Global trends affecting family business
Relationships—Building Family Capital.
Leadership in the Family Enterprise.
MODULE 2: Systemic Thinking: Understanding the Global Challenges of Leadership
Applying a growth mindset to complex problem solving
Building an adaptive organizational benchstrength
Sensemaking, generating coherence within uncertainty and complexity
Adaptive systems-level solutions to specific business cases
MODULE 3: From Patriarchy to Partnership: Leadership In Practice
Family Leaders can change their organizations with a new combination of consciousness and competence to thrive and perform in complex environments. 
Identifying the path to mastery and maturity (spiritual bootcamp)
Building Creative Organizational Structures (Growth Loop)

Our Faculty

Our programs for Family Businesses are delivered in partnership with renowned institutes such as Legacy Academy or with famous scholars in this field, such as Professor Joseph Fan, who is Professor of School of Accountancy and Department of Finance of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), a world leading expert and one of the most cited researchers in finance and governance of emerging market corporations.

Success & Succession program faculty: Dr Amen, Wallace, Kelvin