To Inspire the Baby's Mind

Children develop multiple abilities during the most sensitive period between 0-3 years old. With a good environment and meaningful love interaction are the keys for the healthy development.

3 x 2 hours

Learning Needs

Children develop multiple abilities during the most sensitive period between 0-3 years old. If parents can provide the right environment and company during this period, it can greatly push their baby’s brain development towards the right direction.

Program Overview

This workshop will guide parents to explore how to start early bilingual education, the importance of parent-guided reading, how to create suitable atmosphere and environment for parent-guided reading, how to use picture books and storytelling skills, the influences of music, how to use music to help your baby to grow, and how to let your baby be the dictator of games.

Program Delivery

This program integrates theories and scientific findings to guide you through practice, self-discovery and video aids so as to enhance your awareness. Being fun and interactive, the program helps you to instill knowledge of brain development and cognition, to reflect from within, to plan and act, and to completely change your ways of interactions with your baby.

program details

3 years old defines the lifetime (Series Three) 
To Inspire the Baby's Mind
This series includes three Modules:
Module 1: Grasping the Key Period of Children's Language Learning 
Hearing development in infants
The key period of speech learning
The advantages and secrets of bilingual learning
Words are powerful
Module 2: Parent-Child Reading Changes the Brain 
The power of a story 
From storytelling to cultivating children’s reading habits 
Knowing the strong enemy against from reading 
The fun and method of Parent-child reading and telling stories
Module 3: Giving Back to the Children the Sovereignty to Play
The importance of games to children 
Music rhythm helps to enhance baby's brain ability
What can parents do? 
Experience sharing in homeschooling


Dr. Carol Wang is a Taiwanese. She obtained her PhD degree of Clinical Psychology from East China Normal University, master & bachelor’s degree from University of Missouri. Carol became a certified China-licensed Counselor in 2007 and was joint certified as an intimate relationship trainer by Focus on Family (US) & China Social Work Association. She has lectured in various business enterprises and corporates, such as Bao Steel Corporate, Schneider, Eastman Chemical Company, TSMC, China Eastern Airline, Innotech Internet Group and McCain Food Company, etc.

Carol is now leading the program design and learning as the director of Family Learning Center by Octave Institute under IMC Corporate Group of Singapore.

She is a senior counselor of parent-child education and specialized in changing family relations, focuses on mindful parenting through increasing parents' self-awareness to enable growth. Carol is experienced in practicing EFT (Emotional Focus Therapy) which helps patients to cope with traumatic issues and practicing SFT (Solution Focused Therapy) to assist adolescents overcome behavioral problems. She uses mindfulness techniques to enhance individual and family relationships.

Carol has been interviewed by ICS Spotlight TV program on issues of Chinese families and Beijing Journal of Marriage and Family for a personal profile. With her 12 years of home-schooling experience and her professional psychology background, she has extensive experience in parenting and has been invited to deliver many parenting workshops and programs. Her articles have been published in several magazines such as Fashion Baby, Mommy Baby and Parents Online in a special column and many academic seminars and core periodicals at home and abroad.

She is a clinical member and the board secretary of SIMHA and has been an International EAP Instructor/Counselor of Workplace Options since 2015. Carol was invited by CEO Global as a guest lecturer in Shanghai Jiao-tong University, Fu-Dan University, Tong-Ji University, East China Normal University and Shanghai International Studies University. She used to be the chief psychological supervisor of Chang-Ning District Research Institute. Carol has a great passion and devotes herself to strengthen marriage and family to promote the nurturing of happy family and a harmonious society.

3 years old defines the lifetime (III) program faculty: Dr Carol WANG, PhD