Art Therapy Workshop
English, Chinese
2.5 hours
399 RMB

Learning Needs

• How the brain reacts when undergoing art therapy • Case studies on successful art therapies in the context of creativity exploration, stress management and overall happiness • Hands-on experience of art therapy through art-making with various materials against the backdrop of rhythmic music, or Scribbling chasing game and story-telling.


In this 2-hour introductory workshop, you will learn the process and benefits of Art Therapy and how it differs from other modalities to connect you to your creative self.


The workshop includes warm-up activity, talks, experiential therapeutic art activities and discussion in the group and closure activity.

Programme Details

Do you want to connect with your creative self?
Do you want to experience another modality that encourages self-discovery where traditional methods have not worked? 
Do you seek sanctuary from the frenetic daily life of living in a cosmopolitan city?
One general definition of art therapy is that is “a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.” 
Art therapy is widely practiced in a variety of settings around the world – including wellness centers, schools, senior communities, rehabilitation facilities and other clinical and community settings.  Research supports the use of art therapy within a professional relationship for the therapeutic benefits gained through artistic self-expression and reflection for individuals who experience illness and those seeking personal growth. 
Art therapy offers a number of benefits such as:
Encourage right brain activity.  The right brain is the part of the brain where visual memories are stored, as well as the area of the brain that is relied upon the most prior to the development of a person’s ability to use spoken language
Facilitate expression in a way that transcends spoken or written language
Create a safe, self-created haven from the external environment
There are other benefits to art therapy.  According to ANZACATA (the Professional Association for Arts Therapy in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore), art therapy can help people to:
express feelings that may be difficult to verbalize
explore their imagination and creativity
develop healthy coping skills and focus
improve self-esteem and confidence
identify and clarify issues and concerns
increase communication skills
identify blocks to emotional expression and personal growth

Viviana NI

Art Therapist (FLC) AThR, MAAT

Registered Art Therapist of Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA)
Professional Member of Art Therapists’ Association Singapore (ATAS)
Master Degree in Art Therapy from Goldsmiths, University of London
Clinical Member of Shanghai International Mental Health Association (SIMHA)
Member of The Red Pencil Humanitarian Foundation
Former Committee member of Art Therapy’s Association Singapore (ATAS)
Former leader and initiator of Malaysian Regional Group of the ANZACATA

Viviana is a Registered Art Therapist with Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore Arts Therapy Associations, a Clinical Member of the Shanghai International Mental Health Association. Also, she has 8 years of experience in art therapy both locally and internationally. After graduating from the Master Degree of Art Therapy Program in Singapore of 2013 - accredited by Goldsmiths, University of London. She has been working with a diverse population and worked in different settings, such as hospitals, daycare centers for the elderly, mental health institutes, special needs care centers, refugee school, and governmental organizations. In Shanghai, Viviana provides art therapy services to individuals, groups, families, and both Chinese and English-speaking communities.

With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Viviana also likes to express her inner voice through art-making. After learning performance art from the esteemed performance artist -Amanda Heng in 2012, she exhibited her performance artwork domestically and internationally.

Art Therapy Workshop program faculty: Viviana