Mindful Manager

Leadership is more who you are than what you do. – Brian Tracy

English, Chinese
6 x 2H

Learning Needs

How can managers reach and engage their people? For decades this has been a challenge on how managers can lead and inspire their team in a sustainable manner that can release the fullest potential of each individual and a team.

Program Overview

Building alignment between self, company and team objectives in a sustainable manner through mindful communication and engagement is important to sustain team performance. Implicit is the power of understanding and connecting each other’s needs at the heart level to release the highest potential to sustain performance. In the world of work, employees seek increasingly challenging roles where they can excel, because it is in those roles that they are most connected; where they bring the best of who they are.

Program Delivery

The program is highly interactive, delivered in modules and embodiment of practice in between modules. Group coaching is built in to support practice. It can be modified for different management levels and cohorts of 4-5 will enhance group practices and learnings.

program details

Program Details 
This program consists of 6 highly interactive modules:
Module 1 Meeting and Connect
  • Understand how to meet and connect to understand needs of self and others.
  • Understand what is mindfulness and how does it help managers to meet and connect with others
  • Start to introduce principles of mindful engagement so you can meet your people at where they are and connect them at deeper level
Module 2Roles and Relationships
  • Understand the most important role as a manager is great communicator
  • Discover your own inspiration what and why of you doing your work
  • Understand the process of understanding the what and why of your people so you can engage them for better performance
Module 3Purpose and Impact
  • To discover manager’s own motivation and how do they make impact
  • To understand how to help people connect with their work’s Purpose (Motivation) and Impact
  • To learn and apply key approaches to get positive response and to help people take ownership of their work
Module 4Uniting and Collaborating
  • Understand the distinction between assignments (push) and alignments (pull).
  • Understand how a shift toward “alignments” affect the attitude and output of the individuals on the team.
  • Learn to apply 5 alignments at daily work to inspire your employees with stronger ownership, get better performance, and higher morale.
Module 5:Encouraging Commitment
  • To identify key barriers to commitment which impact performance
  • To understand and apply 5 critical tasks of influential managers to encourage commitment
  • To provide support to people in order to sustain high performance
Module 6:Encouraging Commitment
  • To learn how to lead change in the team
  • To learn how to give feedback with NVC and language of love to connect people at heart level
  • To learn how to address challenges in reality with your influence as a manager
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Olivia XIAO

Life Coach and Mindfulness Trainer

Mindful Manager program faculty: WeChat Image_20190906105653

Liana CHEN

Program Curator & Life Coach, AITIA Institute

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