Mindfulness Practice Series

Mindfulness practice has been cultivated for thousands of years and scientifically proven to be effective in improving our life in many ways.

English, Chinese
8 x 2 hrs
599 RMB / Module

Learning Needs

In the 21st century, with high pressure living and working environments, technology advancement, the demands of everyday life can be overwhelming. When the level of stress exceeds our ability to cope, you will suffer physically and emotionally. Mindfulness is the key to your minds and inner world, to slow down, to discover that your choices.


Mindfulness practice has been cultivated for thousands of years and scientifically proven to be effective in improving our life. Through mindfulness practice, you can face today’s world and the challenges of your inner world with greater clarity. You will acquire practices to increase your connection, compassion and wisdom.


This program is highly interactive, with experiential exercises to guide you to understand, experience and incorporate mindfulness in their lives and relationships. You will be guided in personal practices and an opportunity to be part of a community to support each other’s development and growth.

Programme Details

Explore your relationship with Self, others and world. Discover the power of mindful practices to live a happy and healthy life with balance & harmony, through the following 8 modules of Mindfulness  Practice Series Program:   
[M1] Mindfulness Foundation: 
The first module is a foundation module. The learner will have the knowledge and application skills in mindfulness practices and be able to apply them in his/her daily life.
[M2] Mindfulness Mind& Body: 
Body is the vehicle you live within through the journey of life. Learn how to bring mindfulness to the body, and through your body to access your inner world in order to thrive. 
[M3] Mindfulness Emotions:
Understanding how emotional circuits are embedded in the human mind.  Experience your emotions in a “new” way by just simply being aware of thoughts or feelings as they arise without creating a story about the thought, without judging the feeling, without blaming or excusing.
[M4] Mindfulness Stress& Anxiety: 
Explore how to use mindfulness to alleviate stress and anxiety by being kind to them and allowing them rather than analyzing, suppressing or encouraging them.
[M5] Mindfulness Internal& External Relationship: 
Explore how to use mindfulness to explore the self and how your world is organized within a relationship.
[M6] Mindfulness Conflicts& Upset: 
Explore how to conduct “upsets” with other people in our lives in a mindful way that does not fall into damaging over expression, nor harmful repression. We will introduce Non-violent Communication Model and learn how to apply it in our lives through a gentle practice. 
[M7] Mindfulness Compassion: 
What is compassion, how to cultivate compassion toward self, others and the world to live in harmony. 
[M8] Mindfulness Integration: 
In this concluding module we seek to put together the holistic engagement of the heart, mind and body toward situations and people that are significant in your lives.

Olivia XIAO

Life Coach and Mindfulness Trainer

Mindfulness Practice Series program faculty: Olivia XIAO