Appreciative Inquiry

Accelerate organizational change by redirecting focus to core strengths. A proven approach developed by Case Western Reserve University.

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Discover. Dream. Design. To be effective, change requires speed, flawless execution and buy-in at all levels. Appreciative Inquiry is a revolutionary approach to strategic change and sustainable growth for organizations by engaging all stakeholders collaboratively to decision making.


Designed by AI co-originators and Weatherhead faculty members David Cooperrider, PhD, and Ronald Fry, PhD, this program presents a proven approach to accelerating organizational change by redirecting focus to core strengths. It is a process of inquiry which challenges the whole system.


Combining coursework and fieldwork, you can learn the foundations of the Appreciative Inquiry model and work on projects specific to your own organization. Discover how and why this process can transform organizations through live simulations, case studies and illustrations.

Programme Details

The Appreciative Inquiry (“AI”) model is based on positive change theory.  It is a 4 part inquiry process of:

  •  Discovery phase: The purpose of this phase is to identify the positive core of the system on which the future will be built. And topic is chosen by interviewing participants about personal high-point story when the person was successful regarding the chosen topic. 
  • Dream phase: People in every sub-group develop their own vision of a compelling future. This process will generate bold, creative, and compelling energy to the group. In a typical Appreciative Inquiry summit, the vision in each group will be shared to all participants. 
  • Design phase: This phase will rapidly create prototype of innovation to bring the Dream to life. People vote with their feet and organize around the initiatives they are most passionate about bringing to fruition. 
  • Destiny phase: In last stage, teams will design the governance and resources which are needed to implement back to their organization. 

This program is delivered in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead Business School, the birth place of AI.  It is suitable for organization leadership personal and collective growth.  The power of AI lies with the 4D inquiry process’ impact, leveraging the impact of appreciation from positive psychology.
The learning is in three parts:

  • Part 1 (3-4 days): This workshop gives participants an opportunity to discover how and why AI transforms organizations through live simulations, case studies and illustrations.  Learn in class and in practice, as an individual and as a group. Learn how to ask the questions that open the floodgates for positive change, engage the whole system, and generate measurable results.  
  • Part 2 (Field Work):  In between Part 1 and 3, learn the application of AI as a group in a selected project and join in a global inquiry on business as an agent of world benefit by conducting three appreciative interviews with social and business change leaders.  
  • Part 3 (3-4 days):  In this capstone session, you will experience the power of appreciative learning through interactive feedback sessions on AI projects undertaken in Part 2.  You will deepen your understanding of process and application of AI tools and methods.

Part 1 can be taken separately without completing the other parts, however completion is a requirement to proceed to Part 2 and Part 3 in that order.

Case Western Reserve University

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Program is delivered in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) Weatherhead School of Management. AI was designed by Weatherhead faculty members David Cooperrider, PhD and Ronald Fry, Phd. Our AI Program Facilitators are certified by CWRU.

Appreciative Inquiry program faculty: Case Western Reserve University