Research is formalized curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose. - Zora Neale Hurston

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Ancient Human in Commercial Activities: Chinese Businessmen

Chinese businessmen have made great contributions to the progress of Chinese civilization, China and global development. The outstanding wisdom of Chinese businessmen is the inheritance of Chinese business culture and merchant spirit. 

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The Original Experience of Human Mind -- The History of Love

"Love" is to experience by heart, and to think with thought. Throughout the history of love, from the perspective of time, has experienced the stage of natural and instinctive conscious stage, and this stage is also experienced from the primary stage to the advanced stage.

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Human’s Material Production Activity: History of Economy

In worldwide, human economic life generally experienced three stages of development: the acquisition of a primitive society and fishing and hunting economy; traditional society of agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture economy; industrial economy of modern society. 

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The Creation of Human Wisdom: The History of Science and Technology

The earth we live on, is just a common planet in the universe, and its only specificity is the world of living things, especially the human beings and human civilization.

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Human Interaction with the Natural Environment: History of Environmental Protection

Only human is a kind of existence with a clear sense of self. Since human beings appeared on the earth, they have continuously made requests to nature, thus causing environmental problems. 

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The Interaction of Different Civilizations: History of Civilization Conflict and Integration

Each human civilization has an interrelated and interactive relationship, which constitutes an organic whole. 


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