The Transformation of Civilization (Series 18)

The Most Basic Content of Human Social Form: History of Social Life

The practice of industrial civilization proves that the modernization movement brings not a single kind of progress, but the contradictory process of good and evil, together with the suffering, the creation and destruction. The advantages and disadvantages of modern civilization is a "double-edged sword" effect, in people's social life out of the all aspects of performance: on the one hand, the rapid development of economy, the rapidly increasing the gap between rich and poor. On the other hand, high technology reduces the distance of space and time, resulting in mental numbness and emotional combing. Besides, there is a colorful modern life style, resulting in the confusion of "self" and the sinking of humanity...As part of human civilization, human social life is also in a new transition period, and is moving towards the direction of green life and development harmoniously.