The Family Business Web

This is an introductory program to understand the web of relationships in a family business. (Language: English and Chinese; Available from 2018; Available for customization)

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Program Overview

Family is the basic system of humankind. Business is the most efficient institution to organize human needs. Yet the merging of these two systems creates a set of dynamics that binds and also separates. Learn the basics of a family business web, an invisible force that cannot be ignored.

Learning Needs

Family, business, ownership are relationships that creates an invisible force that are correlated, integrated and inseparable. It is an eco-system that permeates through extended communities, which have an identity as well as conditioned acceptable behaviors. It is complex and invisible.

Program Delivery

Family business leaders and members share their challenges, experiences and family journeys. This program is designed to include real life sharing and experiences, integrated with simple practices to discover these invisible forces to foster stronger family and business relationships.

Faculty Introduction

Our Faculty

All our programs within the Family Business category are delivered in partnership with renowned institutes such as Legacy Academy or with famous scholars in this field. Our faculty includes Prof. Joseph Fan, Dr. Amen Lee, Mr. Kelvin Wong, Mr. Wallace Ho, Ms. Eva Zhou.