Starting Your Career & Life Journey

Making career choices can be stressful. This program brings you through a discovery process to know yourself so you have clarity when making life choices. (Language: English and Chinese; Available from 2018 and for customization)

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Program Overview

Having choices can be stressful. Are you at a crossroad? Unsure of where to go, what to do, how to decide on your career? Through mindful coaching we bring you through a discovery process to explore and connect with yourself, to what drives you, what kind of career and life you seek.

Learning Needs

What would you be when you grow up? How to choose a profession? Is it best use of your talents? What motivates you? Is your career choice able to sustain your living? Questions parents often ask their children. How much do they know of their own inner aspirations and needs?

Program Delivery

Through group learning supported by group coaching, role plays and discussions, this program is designed so you can explore, experience and discover your inner self, your preferences and aspirations in life. It is is a fun and interactive process for individual with peer support.

Faculty Introduction

Our Faculty

All our programs within the Mindful Relationships category are delivered by a group of professional, experienced and certified coaches, practitioners, therapists or executives in areas of mindfulness, coaching, psychology, corporate management etc. Our faculty includes Ms. Tai, Sook Yee, Ms. Rosseana Wong, Mr. Felix Lim, Ms. Olivia Xiao, Ms. Stella Lu.