Conscious Relationship

Intimate relationships are one of the most powerful vehicles for personal growth and consciousness evolution. (Language: English; Available from 2018 and for customization)

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Program Overview

Through the person closest to us, we have our greatest mirror to see more deeply into ourselves. This program helps blossom exceptional intimate relationships into our fullest potential - fully offering our gifts to the world, fully in connection with everything around us.

Learning Needs

Couple relationships is the most beautiful and powerful connection founded on love. How to maintain the bliss through time, truly accepting each other without judgment, be aware of own emotions, needs and triggers, two can grow through conscious relationships.

Program Delivery

Through experience and sharing, the program is uses experiential and practical exercises for you to connect deeply with yourself and your partner, as well as resolve conflicts. Learn to turn all conflicts into opportunities, communicate and have your needs met.

Faculty Introduction

MS Mina Lee

This program is delivered by Mina Lee, who is a UCLA Arts & Healing Certified Music Medicine Teacher and leader of Consciousness Hacking, which supports the ecosystem of conscious entrepreneurs and founders creating technologies that directly enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. She is passionate about building conscious communities and spaces that help people connect to themselves, others, and nature. She also facilitates group connection and interpersonal exercises to unlock a team's collective knowledge and wisdom. Previously, Mina used to work as an executive for Xiaomi, The Boston Consulting Group, and the World Bank.