Facilitation 101

Facilitators are guides, leaders and enablers. They play an important role in engagement so meetings are productive, focused, inclusive and effective. (Language: English; Available from 2018 and for customization)

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Program Overview

Facilitation is more an art than a science. This program integrates mindfulness with facilitation tools and helps Facilitators hold space for a collaborative and respectful environment that encourages participation to release barriers towards reaching group goal.

Learning Needs

Facilitation is the art and science for groups to have more effective discussions and decision-making. Mindful facilitation enable groups to embrace diverse backgrounds, values, interests and capabilities to make collaborative decisions, increase productivity and improve group dynamics.

Program Delivery

It is a 2 days program where participants work in the various facilitation skills in groups and individually. It is knowledge in practice with feedback provided by trained facilitators. Designed based on a proven 4D Facilitation Model developed by Facilitators Network Singapore Pte Ltd.

Faculty Introduction

Our Faculty

All our programs within the Mindful Relationships category are delivered by a group of professional, experienced and certified coaches, practitioners, therapists or executives in areas of mindfulness, coaching, psychology, corporate management etc. Our faculty includes Ms. Tai, Sook Yee, Ms. Rosseana Wong, Mr. Felix Lim, Ms. Olivia Xiao, Ms. Stella Lu.