Hakomi synthesized a pioneering approach to somatic psychotherapy, combining mindfulness, gentleness and experiential exploration of human behavior. (Language: English with Chinese translation; Program commences in January 2018)

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Program Overview

Hakomi is effectively used in educational and business settings as a process to facilitate self-exploration and personal growth. It is premise that the answers to growth and transformation lie within oneself. Learn an insightful process to create deep connections with others to support their growth.

Learning Needs

Having problems deepening empathy and connection with others? This program is highly suitable for coaches and counsellors, human resource and organization practitioners and healing arts professionals, who wish to provide accelerated healing and emphatic support to their clients.

Program Delivery

The training includes short talks, live and video demonstrations, skill-based experiential exercises, and supervised practice. You will be provided direct and immediate guidance and feedback during supervised practice with an emphasis on specific applications and skills development.

Faculty Introduction

Our Faculty

This salon is designed as a short 2 hour introduction to Hakomi for groups of 10-12. A Hakomi trained facilitator will demonstrate and share some of the principles that is the foundation of this somatic approach. Private 10-12 groups can be arranged.

Rob Fisher MFT, Certified Hakomi therapist and trainer. Rob is a psychotherapist and consultant in private practice in Mill Valley. He has taught Hakomi all over the world, including U.S.A, China, Russia and Indonesia. He serves as an adjunct professor at both California Institute of Integral Studies and John F. Kennedy University, where he teaches marriage and family therapy and Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy. A nationally recognized expert in couples therapy.

Mukara Meredith, Certified Hakomi therapist and trainer. Mukara has 40 years’ experience in teaching, consulting, and working with the healing arts. Being the founder of of MatrixWorks, Mukara is committed to creating new cultures of creativity and nourishment in workplace relationships. MatrixWorks has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge neuroscience to leaders, managers and their teams to access collective intelligence and practice the skills of collaboration.