Mindful Manager

Mindful managers connect and build teams that maintain platforms of engagement and understanding, to enable creativity and sustain performance. (Language: English and Chinese; Available from 2018 and for customization)

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Program Overview

Alignment between self, company and team objectives is important to sustain team performance. Implicit is the power of connection. Mindful management integrated with skills and process, is powerful to build collaborative teams that can see possibilities in self and business.

Learning Needs

How can managers reach and engage their team? Implicit is the power of understanding. The desire to be understood is a base motivator in all human beings. Mindful managers extend beyond leading, they inspire and sustain a team to perform beyond their constraints, be it self, team or organization.

Program Delivery

The program is highly interactive, delivered in modules and embodiment of practice in between modules. Group coaching is built in to support practice. It can be modified for different management levels and cohorts of 4-5 will enhance group practices and learnings.

Faculty Introduction

Our Faculty

All our programs within the Mindful Relationships category are delivered by a group of professional, experienced and certified coaches, practitioners, therapists or executives in areas of mindfulness, coaching, psychology, corporate management etc. Our faculty includes Ms. Tai, Sook Yee, Ms. Rosseana Wong, Mr. Felix Lim, Ms. Olivia Xiao, Ms. Stella Lu.