From Leadership to Stewardship

What is Stewardship? Discover and write your own narrative by first understanding what Leadership and Stewardship means. (Language: English; Available from 2018 and for customization)

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Program Overview

Stewardship is a foundational idea that permeate and guide all of our thinking. Bringing the idea of Stewardship to life starts with you. In today’s global environment, embarking on an exploration of Stewardship is a critical step in becoming a holistic, competent, and complete leader.

Learning Needs

What is Stewardship? We are all recipients of entrusted many forms of resources. How we can deploy them responsibly? As Baba Dioum said “In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”

Program Delivery

This program is structured in a 4-module framework, designed to provide individual and group learning. It allows the flexibility to deliver the program in segments or in its entirety based on specific interventions or needs that may be seen in the business units.

Faculty Introduction

Our Faculty

All our programs within the Mindful Relationships category are delivered by a group of professional, experienced and certified coaches, practitioners, therapists or executives in areas of mindfulness, coaching, psychology, corporate management etc. Our faculty includes Ms. Tai, Sook Yee, Ms. Rosseana Wong, Mr. Felix Lim, Ms. Olivia Xiao, Ms. Stella Lu.