Our minds create our own reality, when we believe these thoughts, too often that reality is life-draining – robbing us of success and happiness. (Language: English and Chinese; Available from 2018 and for customization)

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Program Overview

“The Work” leads you step-by-step to identify and question your thoughts; it helps you see problems from an entirely new perspective and find your own solutions. Discover freedom by undoing the long-standing causes of your stress, and allow your mind to return to authentic certainty and peace.

Learning Needs

Are you stressed? Are you suffering? “The Work” is for those who are seeking breakthroughs in work and life, who are interested in self-development & self-discovery, who want to dramatically change the way they think and feel, or are currently experiencing significant suffering.

Program Delivery

The program includes short talks, live demonstrations, skill-based experiential exercises, and supervised practice. You will be provided direct and immediate guidance and feedback during practice to apply the four simple The Work questions to your stressful beliefs.

Faculty Introduction

Christine Lu

Christine is the only certified facilitator from mainland China for “The Work of Byron Katie”. She enjoys sharing “The Work” and celebrating the outcome in those who attend = real growth in both the personal and professional arena.

Christine has been on a journey of inner peace for manyyears, following both Eastern and Western spiritual teachings. She found that the teachings of Byron Katie, Echhart Tolle, Adyshanti and Jeff Foster are particularly enlightening. Through the practice of these teachings, Christine often experiences genuine peace and joy in her life – and she loves to share!