Appreciative Inquiry

Accelerate organizational change by redirecting focus to core strengths. A proven approach developed by Case Western Reserve University. (Language: English with Chinese translation; Available from 2018; Available for customization)

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Program Overview

Designed by AI co-originators and Weatherhead faculty members David Cooperrider, PhD, and Ronald Fry, PhD, this program presents a proven approach to accelerating organizational change by redirecting focus to core strengths. It is a process of inquiry which challenges the whole system.

Learning Needs

Discover. Dream. Design. To be effective, change requires speed, flawless execution and buy-in at all levels. Appreciative Inquiry is a revolutionary approach to strategic change and sustainable growth for organizations by engaging all stakeholders collaboratively to decision making.

Program Delivery

Combining coursework and fieldwork, you can learn the foundations of the Appreciative Inquiry model and work on projects specific to your own organization. Discover how and why this process can transform organizations through live simulations, case studies and illustrations.

Faculty Introduction

Case Western Reserve University

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Program is delivered in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) Weatherhead School of Management. AI was designed by Weatherhead faculty members David Cooperrider, PhD and Ronald Fry, Phd. Our AI Program Facilitators are certified by CWRU.