This is an Intense and engaging program that provides a platform to build awareness about the key drivers of global change by Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) promoted collaboratively by AITIA Institute. (Language: English with Chinese translation; Available from 2018; Available for customization)

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Program Overview

Intense and engaging, this is a platform to build awareness about the drivers that shapes today’s business landscape. Action-based and participant-led, real-world field projects heighten your self-awareness by challenging conventional wisdom in real-world situations.

Learning Needs

Today, as the world comes under pressures of globalization, population growth, aging community, technology development and sustainability, there is a need for quantum leaders. Need for new leadership mindset with higher self-awareness to shape and lead purposeful businesses.

Program Delivery

A 2 week program that uses methodology developed, designed and facilitated by GIFT. It is immersion learning delivered in field project work linked to a socio-economic development opportunity. The field work provides unconstraint environment to create new business models.

Faculty Introduction

MR Chandran NAIR

Mr Chandran NAIR is a true internationalist, having lived and worked in Asia, Europe and Africa. His Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) is an Asian first: an independent social venture think tank dedicated to advancing understanding of key issues and challenges of globalisation in Asia – the role of business in society, governance and ethics, and leadership development. Before founding GIFT in 2004 he built Asia’s leading environmental consultancy, ERM.

For more than a decade, Mr Nair has strongly advocated a more sustainable approach to development in Asia, and has helped governments and corporations instil these principles into their key decision-making process.

He continues to advise the Hong Kong Government, devising a new approach that gives the public a bigger role in key policy-making decisions – a first for Asia.

He has addressed many of these issues at forums around the world, notably at speaking engagements in London, New York, Sydney, and all the major Asian capitals. His opinions have appeared in leading international media platforms including the Financial Times and BBC.

He lectures energetically, earning a reputation for insightful observation on geo-political realities and a refreshing perspective. Beyond speaking, he seeks practical, long-term solutions through his innovative Global Leaders Programme.