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The Cause and Consequence of Triangular Relationship BY Dr Lee, Wai Yung of AITIA Family Institute

In family relationship, we often refer to “Triangular Relationship”.  What does “Triangular Relationship” mean?  Dr Lee, Wai Yung from AITIA Family Institute shares her expert view on this subject.   (This article is in Chinese)

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Leadership Skills for the Twenty-First 21st. Century BY Mukara Meredith of MatrixWorks

The first and most important principle, comes from a study of complexity and the role of complexity in working with groups as living systems.  In this article, Mukara Meredith shares her views and work on this subject.  (This article is in English)

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The Importance of Mother in a Family of 3 BY Dr Carol Wang of AITIA Family Learning Center

“Do you resemble your mother?”  With this, I don’t mean your appearance, personality, habits or preferences.  In this article, Dr Carol Wang from AITIA Family Learning Center shares her views on this topic.   (This article is in Chinese)

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