Family Relationship – from Conflict to Conflict Resolution

Family is the fundamental system in society. Relationship within a family is a dynamic and interconnected web. The relationship between husband and wife can indeed deeply impact on the mental and physical health of their children. When a family is unwell, the symptoms are usually transmitted to children.  Instead of addressing the symptoms, family therapy is a mindful and systemic approach that addresses the intricate relationships in the family, uncovering the underlying issues and in the process engage family members in re-examining their relational patterns.

In this workshop, Dr Lee Wai Yung will present with video an actual family case. Participants will witness how a mindful and systemic family therapy process helped a divorced family to progress from a high family conflict to eventually conflict resolution, and through which the symptoms the children were suffering from were addressed and relieved.    

LOCTAION: SHANGHA by Octave, Suzhou, China.
DATE: 17 November, 2019.